Binding materials and cover finishes

We offer two types of binding:

We offer two types of binding:

  1. Saddle Stitching: this is where the pages are held together with two metal stitches, similar to staples from a stapler. The spine is folded. This works for catalogues where the number of pages is between 24 and 64pp, not including the cover. The number of pages in your catalogue needs to be divisible by 4 to use saddle stitching or you will end up with blank pages at the back of your catalogue.
  2. Perfect binding: this is where the pages are held together by a strong but flexible glue. The spine on your catalogue will be flat, so will require some text or colour in your cover design. Perfect binding is the same as the paperback binding you may be familiar with in a catalogue or catalogue shop. At the Catalogue Makers we apply the cover and allow a hinge or crease parallel to the spine, 6mm from the edge. This makes opening the catalogue easy. Our perfect binding is very strong and durable and we also use white adhesive to give a neat finish.

For more information have a look at our videos:


  1. The cover is the outside of your catalogue. We offer a range of materials for covers, all of these are white boards, which vary in thickness and weight from 170gsm to 350gsm. Finishes to covers can be plain, gloss laminated, matt laminated or our special, soft touch lamination. We recommend 170gsm or 200gsm board for saddle-stitched catalogue covers and 250gsm  to 350gsm for perfect bound catalogue covers